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Hi! I'm excited that you made it here; thank you for considering Forever Filmz! Let's start with date availability. Is your wedding date available on the calendar? Awesome! Please fill out the form below and I will respond back to you so we can set up a meeting to go over all of the details in full! My booking process is pretty simple; let me give you a quick rundown.

After we have our meeting, I will prepare a digital contract for you to review and us both to sign. My digital questionnaire will help with the planning of our day together and give me all of the details, including start times, different locations, and all of the names needed for the video end credits. All invoicing is done through the website and sent to your email. 1/3 at booking, 2/3 one month from the wedding date. Fill out the form below and let's talk more!


Talk to You Soon

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