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Ohio Wedding Videographer, Videographer Near Me, Wedding Film Maker
Ohio Wedding Videographer, Videographer Near Me, Wedding Film Maker
Ohio Wedding Videographer, Videographer Near Me, Wedding Film Maker

Highlight Videos

Embrace the enchanting allure of our stunning wedding highlight video, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of love's grand symphony. Set to the ethereal strains of licensed music, witness the delicate intertwining of two souls through heartfelt moments and candid vignettes. 

Ohio Wedding Videographer, Videographer Near Me, Wedding Film Maker





Video coverage is available for use from pre-ceremony preparations through the reception, or as required. The base package includes 6 hours, with additional time to be added on an hourly basis.



Included in the package is a complete wedding day video that captures every moment of your ceremony and reception in real-time. These videos typically have a duration of 90-120 minutes.



Wedding videos are conveniently sent to your home on a single mailed USB flash drive, and extra copies can be included for an additional charge.



The captivating 3–5-minute chronological narrative of your extraordinary story is expertly presented in high-definition visuals, accompanied by the perfect licensed audio track. Be sure to stay tuned for the end credits at the conclusion of the video.



As the officiant declares the union, the video and audio from the wedding day play, accompanied by the scrolling names of the bridal party on the screen.



You have the option to extend the duration of this package by adding extra time at a rate of $450 per hour.

At Forever Filmz, we approach each wedding as a unique story waiting to be told. Our wedding highlight videos aren't just films; they're carefully crafted chronicles of love, meticulously woven together to create a cinematic masterpiece.


From the eager anticipation of an initial first look, through to the joyous celebrations at the reception, we carefully sequence the most unforgettable moments, crafting a narrative that flows seamlessly through time.


Our tailored approach is the hallmark of our work. We take time to understand you, your relationship, and your unique story. This deep knowledge guides our creative process, allowing us to customize the narrative structure, visual aesthetics, and overall tone of the video.


In our videos, every moment matters. The tear that escapes a proud parent's eye, the quick stolen glances between the bride and groom, the sheer joy of the first dance – these are the moments that, together, compose the symphony of your love story. We collect these moments like precious gems, stringing them together to form a beautiful, timeless narrative that perfectly encapsulates your wedding day.


The result is a final film that transcends typical wedding videos. It's a reflection of your love story that demands to be watched and re-watched, a timeless piece that allows you to relive the magic of your special day time and time again. With our cinematic approach, we don't just capture weddings - we capture timeless love stories.

Ohio Wedding Videographer, Videographer Near Me, Wedding Film Maker

Discover Your Wedding Journey

Unveil the magic behind Forever Filmz's Comprehensive Wedding Guide, walking you through the art of capturing and delivering your forever moments. From booking to the cinematic unveiling, explore the steps that transform your love story into a timeless masterpiece.

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