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Wedding Videography, Highlight Videos, Engagement Sessions

Cleveland Ohio Wedding Videographer

Imagine the soft glow of sunlight filtering through delicate lace, the exquisite symphony of laughter and joy, and the ethereal moments of love shared between two soulmates. A wedding day is a timeless celebration of love stories that deserve to be preserved with unparalleled artistry and finesse. Entrust your special day to a masterful wedding videographer who transforms each fleeting moment into an eternal keepsake.




Cleveland Ohio Wedding Videographer


Meet Charles, the heart behind Forever Filmz. Capturing love, laughter, and the first steps into 'forever' through wedding videography.

Cleveland Ohio Wedding Videographer, Engagement Videos, Engagement Photos


We cater to your every need, offering engagement videos, engagement photo and video packages, and more.

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Photo and Video

A wedding experience full of excitement and adventure from beginning to end, with both photos and videos to remember it by.

Ohio Wedding Videographer, Videographer Near Me, Wedding Film Maker

Highlight Videos

Set to the ethereal strains of licensed music, witness the delicate intertwining of two souls through heartfelt moments and candid vignettes.

Ohio Wedding Videographer, Videographer Near Me, Wedding Film Maker

Story Videos

Every couple's story deserves its soundtrack - a harmonious narrative that weaves together the unforgettable memories and tender moments of your special day. 

Client Reviews

Cleveland Ohio Wedding Videographer
"Charles is a film wizard with outstanding editing skills. They say your special day will happen so fast; it's absolutely true. The best thing a couple can do for their wedding is to have a video. My husband was initially hesitant to hire a videographer, and then he was so happy we decided to and so glad we went with Forever Filmz."

Ashley L

Let's Talk Wedding

How many days until you say, "I Do"?

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