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Have peace of mind on the most important day of your life knowing that all of your memories will be beautifully preserved for the rest of time. Plan your wedding day from start to finish with Forever Filmz and Stories by Samantha.

We cover every step of your wedding journey by having a personal, detailed meeting, followed by a photo and video engagement session, all the while helping curate a one-of-a-kind wedding journey experience. All of these actions, tied to the perfect work unison of your photo and video team, lead to a flawless preservation of your forever moments that you will be able to pass down your family generations forever.

Your engagement all the way through wedding day is an investment into the future, we are ready to make it your most memorable life event.



Who doesn't like (insert favorite place to meet) and wedding planning? We love to meet with couples and feel them out, just as much as they do us. There always seems to be a turning point in the conversation where strangers become friends, and those friends just so happen to be our wedding clients! If you don't pick our meet up spot, we'll most likely end up at a Starbucks. Sweet Cream Cold Brew, please!

An engagement session is a great way to get comfortable with having your own personal paparazzi. We are going to pull out all the stops to showcase your love to all of your family and friends and help spread the word about your big day! Having photos and video of your engagement is a great way to keep your expectations and social media fresh and buzzing. This creative session will familiarize both of you with being on camera, posing, and leave you with one more piece of your love to hold onto forever.


Stories by Samantha.



Your personalized story as captured through photography and cinematography preserved for the years to come. Whether you would like to begin your coverage during preparation or the start of your ceremony, 6 hours of documentation will capture your unique story. Documentation includes a photo & video engagement session ($600 value), unlimited photographs, a highlight video 3-5 minutes in length custom-made to music of your choice, and a full 45–90-minute video of your wedding day. Your entire wedding day will be delivered in a memorabilia box including a hard drive within 30 days of your wedding.

***Weather and flight restrictions apply for drone coverage***


Learn More About Stories By Samantha and View Her Gallrey

Forever Filmz

There are three videos included in this portion of the package, the first of which is your engagement session video. The second video is your highlight video, 3-5 minutes in length, created using fully licensed music. This video shows your wedding day in dramatic, and cinematic fashion, focusing specifically on the most pristine moments in a chronological story-telling manner. You will truly relive your wedding day every time you press play. The perfect ending to your wedding movie is the end credits. As the officiant declares your marriage official and your family and friends are cheering you on, you'll see the names of all the special people who made your day complete.

The third video in the collection is a full feature of ceremony, reception, plus other special moments throughout the day. Rewatch in real time with high quality audio as you say I do all the way into dancing at reception, full wedding videos are around 90 minutes.

Video engagement session 

High-quality audio of vows and speeches.

Licensed original music for highlight video.

Video and photo drone coverage. (Restrictions Apply)

Let's Talk About It

How many days until you say, "I Do"? We better start planning!

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