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Cleveland, Columbus, Wedding Photographer and Videographer Packages
Cleveland Ohio Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Photo and Video

As a couple, your journey began with that first spark, woven together with cherished milestones, from the tender joy of your engagement to the sacred vows you share on your wedding day. It's a tale that deserves to be told with heartfelt sincerity and immense passion, woven into a captivating tapestry of emotions, laughter, tears, and joy. We are here to preserve these memories, transforming them from fleeting moments into an eternal story of love.

Cleveland Ohio Wedding and Engagement Photographer and Videographer

Hello, we're Charles and Samantha, co-founders of Stories Forever Weddings, where we pour our hearts and souls into capturing your matrimonial moments through stunning photography and engaging videography. It's not just our job; it's a calling that gives us immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

Our paths intersected at a wedding and in that unexpected moment, we realized that we shared a deep-seated passion for storytelling and immortalizing special moments. Drawing on our unique abilities, we extend to our clients a wedding journey experience that elegantly weaves together both mesmerizing photography and captivating videography.

Our combined expertise allows us to create timeless keepsakes for our clients, offering them an opportunity to relive their magical journey of love, from their engagement to the wedding day, anytime they wish. The joy and gratification we derive from this work is immeasurable, as there's nothing more rewarding than witnessing and immortalizing the most beautiful moments of people's lives.

When you choose Stories Forever Weddings, you're not just selecting a service; you're opting for a duo who cherishes storytelling as much as you cherish your love story. Through our lenses, we aspire to make your beautiful moments everlasting, creating treasures that you can hold close to your heart forever.


We genuinely enjoy getting to know our couples, understanding their unique dynamics as much as they get to know us. There is invariably a transformative moment in our conversations where we transition from being strangers to becoming friends, and, serendipitously, these friends often turn out to be our cherished wedding clients!

One of the key components of our work is the engagement session. Think of it as your private red carpet moment, where we become your personal photojournalists. We spare no effort in shining a spotlight on your love, presenting it beautifully for all to admire.

The engagement shoot is not just about creating stunning images. It's an essential part of the process that helps both of you become accustomed to being in front of our lenses. By guiding you through various poses and styles, we ensure that you're confident and comfortable. Ultimately, this creative endeavor leaves you with an enduring memento of your love story, another token to cherish for a lifetime.

Our emphasis on understanding your unique style, pace, and comfort level is what makes our approach distinct. We believe that this personalized touch helps us deliver the most memorable experience, transforming your special moments into timeless narratives.

Cleveland Ohio Wedding and Engagement Photographer and Videographer

The visuals captured throughout your wedding journey can be used in a lot of different ways.

Having a similar style of photos and videos for your engagement and wedding ties the reality of your love together for a cohesive look.