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Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Proposal, Engagement, Elopement, Wedding Packages

Forever Starts Here

Wedding + Engagement Videography

Forever Starts Here

Forever Filmz started March 10, 2018 at my cousins wedding. A few weeks before she got married my aunt contacted me about filming her wedding, as I was already doing things with photo and video. I was eager to try something new so I accepted the opportunity and ran with it. After some people saw the Highlight Video, I had a small list of people who wanted to use me as their videographer, which is where I found the appreciation, experience and what I've found to be the next chapter in my life.


Press image to watch first highlight video.

What about now?

Our primary focus is capturing the duration of a wedding day from start to finish. We specialize in Highlight Video and Full Wedding Day video, where the client has more than enough visual representation of their special moments.


The name says it all. Love is meant to be forever.

The concept emerges from primal focus on wedding videography mixed with founder Charles Novak's brand stamp showcasing 2E's with 1Z.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We function based on referral and new leads through vendor sites.

  2. We have different tiers of packages that couples can choose from.

  3. During the booking process we will provide a digital contract.

  4. Day of event our focus is bridal dress up through the end of reception.

  5. Files are sent in the mail on a USB drive. Highlight Video download link provided.




Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Proposal, Engagement, Elopement, Wedding Packages


Capturing every enchanting moment from engagement through the joyous celebration of your wedding day. Our commitment is to craft a visual odyssey that reflects the unique essence of your love story, ensuring that each frame resonates with the genuine emotions and authentic experiences of your union.

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